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Bollywood Casting Call (2022) NiksIndian Original

Bollywood Casting Call (2022) NiksIndian Original

Movie Name Bollywood Casting Call (2022) NiksIndian Original

Genre - Erotic

Duration - 1h 6min

Stars - Various Artist

Release Date - 28 June 2022

Language/Audio - Hindi

Story/Plot - Another actress, another Bollywood director, just another day. Yes, thats the truth of Bollywood , every aspiring actress has to go through casting couch and as a matter of fact even a superstar today was once an aspiring actress, an actress in Bollywood not only needs to have beautiful looks and good acting and dancing talent but she must also have the talent to build and maintain intimate relations with casting directors, directors and producers to thrive in the industry. There is nothing wrong about it but the only downside to this is what if they get cheated and fooled by the director/producer like in this case. Ria , an aspiring actress was promised big role if she will show how bold she is, if she will let the director play with her beautiful body and fuck her as he wishes to. But after enjoying her in nastiest manners possible, this director just dumped her without giving the promised role in the block buster movie. Unfortunately this is an everyday happening in Bollywood.

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